Who We Are ?

Brass parts manufacturer in jamnagar

Promtech Brass is the Manufacturer of Brass components and Brass Parts from The brass city of India Jamnagar where World largest manufacturing of Brass and Brass Foundry.

Promtech Brass is one of the Leading brass parts in Jamnagar having manufacturing unit From Brass Scrap Foundry Recycling, Brass extrusion plant with Hi tech Brass component Manufacturing facility at one site including Brass CNC/VMC machine. Promtech Brass has one of the leading Brass manufacturer in Jamnagar to manufacturing the Brass Electrical Fittings, Automobiles Parts Manufacturer of Brass, Brass Insert, Brass Anchor, Brass Fasteners including Brass Nut Bolts, Brass Hex nut, Brass Screw, Brass Wooden screw, Brass Washers, brass electrical Components, Brass Billet, Brass electrical Part, Brass Gas Parts and other customized Brass components.

Promtech Brass is One stop sourcing for Manufacturing company in Jamnagar for your brass requirements.


As Promtech have more than the Three Decade of Expertise legacy in Brass Manufacturing industries along with next generation technology will help to build next level customer partnership in term to supply Quality, Deep Level Product Expertise, in time Procurement and Understating the requirement of Customer.

A Promtech is leading manufacturer of Brass Electrical Components from the India & proudly procurement Partner of various industry leading company in the sector of Electrical, Engineering, Solar, Marine, Automobile to more than 48 country.

Why People Choose Us ?

  • Consistent & Continuous manufacturing from India based plant.
  • As per International Standard Manufacturing Infrastructure
  • As manufacturing team lead by Chief Operational Officer who is certified professional of ISA.
  • As Company follow ZERO DEFECT policy that also help to client to produce Zero defect Products and ultimately build strong customer relationship.
  • As Promtech implemented its SIX SIGMA Policy that help to Improve its Manufacturing process at every time and result of that help in build client satisfaction.
  • As Promtech Follow all Compliance Standard and Environmental law to avoid in hurdle in manufacturing that help CONTINUOUS SUPPLY to client without any intervention.
  • Advance SCM help to Reduce Customer Lead time/procurement time.
  • Special Price for Long run contact manufacturing on Mass Production
  • Stringent Quality Measures as every batch Metal is analyzed by AMTEK SPECTRO for Client Specification and it also provide to client along with batch delivery.
  • Tamper proof packaging
  • Privacy and Intellectual properties of client is always maintained as Promtech follow Integrity Policy.
  • Sample will be delivering within 5 Day (Domestic/International)
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