Brass Fastners

Screw & Bolts

Various range of screws and bolts are manufactured with best quality like - Wood Screw,Machine Screw, Sheet Metal Screw, Thread Cutting Screw, Self-Drilling SMS, Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Plow Bolts, Socket Screw, Lab Bolts, Eye Bolts, Eye Lags, J-Bolts, U-Bolts, Shoulder Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Sex Bolts, Mating Screw, Hanger Bolts, Set Screw, Timber Bolts, Cotter Pins, Rivets.

Head Styles

Flat- Oval- Pan- Truss- Round- Hex- Hex Washer- Hex Flange- Button- Socket Cap

Drive Type

Phillips & Frearson- Slotted- Socket, Hex or Allen- Square- Star- One Way


Hex, Heavy Hex, Jam, Nylon Insert Lock, Cap, Acorn, Flange, Tee, Square, Torque Lock, K-Lock, Coupling, Slotted, Castle, Pin Lock, Wing

Other Fastners

Flat/Fender/Square/Dock Washer

Stud/Sleeve/Lag/Machine Screw/Hollow Wall/Conical/Nail Drive Anchor

All Fasteners Manufacture as per Specification, Drawing, Sample, & US or Metric Size


  • Metric Size
  • US Size
  • As Per Drawing, Sample & Design
  • Customized as per requirement


  • Brass: CDA360, CuZn40, CuZn37p, CuZn15 or as per Specifications




  • Automobile
  • Electrical Industries
  • Engineering
  • Solar
  • Marine
  • Furniture
  • Other Industrial uses.