Brass Forged Components

Depending on the Product specification, Brass Forged Parts are produced with cold forging or hot forging. The Forging Process for variety of products allows for close tolerances. Our production includes durable, high strength and excellent ductility forgings from a wide array of steel alloys or brass alloys.

The Forging Process manufacture parts for stronger than other metalworking process. Brass Forged Parts are widely used where reliability and human safety are critical. Precision Formed Brass Forged Parts are widely known for accurate dimension, perfect finish, advanced technology and defect free construction.

They are available with different types of coating and plating including Nickel, Zinc, Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel, Chrome Plated, Tin, Electrolyte, Natural Plating or any other as per custom specification. Brass Forged Parts are widely available with different configurations, size, type, plating, threads and characteristics as per valued customer requirements.